J J Kane

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Wells, Somerset.

​JJ Kane has been in the music industry for 16 years ,doing everything from making tea in the studio, sound engineering, having a career as a singer songwriter and touring with the Asian music circuit where she worked with legends in the industry such as George Harrison and loved every moment of it.

JJ runs her own PR commmpany for emerging artists and bands www.caravanmusicpromotions.com​, and also oversee's all pr campaigns for stickytoffeepr.co.uk.

Radio has always been a passion for JJ, and knows how difficult it is for emerging artists and bands to get the airplay they rightly deserve, so being the Maverick she is described as , JJ decided to create her own radio shows and do things her way. So far this led to numerous radio stations picking up on the quality of the music and JJ's laid back but professional and passionate way of reaching out to her listeners.

" I am delighted to be on Splash Radio as a presenter, it really is a dream come true and I can not thank Tom Lambert and Chris Duval for their support, as being a female is difficult enough in the music industry let alone bagging air time , so I really am humbled and look forward to a long career in radio thanks to these two people whom I admire having belief in me to let me have a go"



The Poacher 5 Radio Show

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Paul is presenting the 'The Poacher5 Radio Show’ Tuesdays . A Live Show - Born on 22nd October 1961 Lives in Lincoln (hence the DJ Name ‘Poacher’ – Lincolnshire Poacher)

You Can find Paul on Facebook Paul Poacher (add if you would like to) you can also follow him on Twitter @poacher_55.

Paul plays anything from the 1920’s to the present day . Favourite Artists are Alison Moyet and The Bee Gees (Amongst Many)


The Independent Music Show with Tom Lambert

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Lurgan. Ireland

Presented by Tom Lambert. Profiling and playing Independent artists from around the globe. tom@tomlambertrealcountry.net


Spin Charts Radio Show

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Will Stenner is a singer/songwriter entrepreneur who resides out of the High Desert of Southern California. Will has worked in many different areas throughout his life from being a dishwasher for Denny's, becoming a medical assistant and earning many certificates in the medical field and In 1996; Stenner became a Route Sales Manager for a company called Schwan’s.

Due to an injury Will got retrained as a service writer and worked in the automobile dealership profession for almost 10 years. Will has always been involved with music as a hobby but then turned the hobby into a career when he recorded just a few songs in 2007.

He had a good run for a while musically but then started to find numerous avenues within the entertainment industry and began his own lucrative entrepreneurship by jumping in with determination and the understanding of the feast or famine roll. Will made a lot of mistakes in the beginning and one of the mistakes was becoming star struck as he began to see himself surrounded by celebrities.

The mistakes were short lived and a lesson learned but soon after Invites started coming in to be part of celebrity screenings, functions, interviews and more. The height of Will's career came when he submitted a Tweet to Jimmy Fallon for what was called the "Steer The Script" campaign. It was the first ever crowd sourcing Superbowl commercial that was put on by Lincoln Motor Company. Stenner was the 5th Tweet Chosen.

He got to be an extra in the Superbowl commercial and also won a pair of Superbowl tickets through a contest hosted by Rev. Run of Run DMC during the commercial shoot. The doors of opportunity opened wide due to that experience. It also shows to prove that unless you enter a contest, you do not stand a chance at winning.

Will Stenner entered the "Steer The Script" contest with MAJOR DOUBT but ended up becoming the Grand Prize Winner. Never say, “Never.”


Eclecticism with DJ Lynchpin

Dublin Ireland

Gary aka DJ Lynchpin is a former club and pirate radio DJ. His specialty lies within the electronic music realm where his mixes in the early 2000s took him into presenting on pirate radio and guesting on all major radio stations in Dublin. garylynchpin@gmail.com

Age limit: All ages